Dwayne Ross

It was in 1999 that Dwayne Ross began sharing his “Thoughts for the Day”. Serving in various leadership roles, including supervision and executive supervisory roles at Peoples Gas in Chicago Illinois, a career spanning over 32 years, Dwayne was looking for ways to motivate his team. Not only was it good for the team and great self-therapy, he soon learned that his team was sharing his “Thoughts” with their friends and families both inside and outside of the walls of Peoples Gas. Although he doesn’t consider himself a writer he does has a gift to inspire men and women with practical common sense approaches to life.  

It was his mom whom he credits as his role model by inspiring him to remain positive and become the person he’s become today. While growing up he observed her as she raised 3 kids in two of Chicago’s toughest areas, the Cabrini Green Housing Projects and K-Town on the city’s Westside. He noticed that she never complained no matter what the situation or circumstances, but she always provided them with everything that needed. A proud father and grandfather, Dwayne continues to strive to set the example to his family the way his mother set the example for him and his siblings growing up.

With a Bachelor of Science at Chicago State University and a MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management, Dwayne currently works at The Center for STEM Education and Research a program designed to provide support and programming in Science Technology, Engineering and Math for Chicago State University and the surrounding community. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois since 2002 he works tirelessly helping to raise money to help find a cure. 
Everyone has a story to tell. It could be the story of a hard working single mother, the first family member to attend college or a successful father…everyone has knowledge they can share that can benefit others.
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