The Pneuma Hour - Osi King
(Mondays 5:00AM- 5:30AM &
Fridays 5:00AM - 5:30AM)


Power and Authority
Evangelical Ministries
Pastor Rotimi Onabanjo
(5:30AM - 5:45AM)
Spiritual Life Crusades
Pastor David Paul 
(5:45AM - 6:00AM)
  Get Up! Mornings with
Erica Campbell 

(6:00AM- 10:00AM)
Invite Health
with Jerry Hickey
(10:00AM- 11:00AM)
Middays with Liz Black 
(11:00AM - 3:00PM)
  The Hezekiah Walker
Show Afternoon Praise 
Bishop Hezekiah Walker  & Neicy T.
(3:00P - 7:00PM)
Keepin' it Real
with Rev. Al Sharpton 
(7:00PM - 9:00PM)
  TalithaCumi-200x200.jpg DeiseraeStansbury.jpg
Greater Refuge with
Bishop William Lee Bonner 
(Tues. & Thurs. 10:30PM - 11:00PM)
  Bow To The Name
Evg. Talitha Cumi
(Thursday 11:00PM - 11:15PM)
Higher Ground
(11:30PM - 11:45PM)
    hotline number
Washington Temple COGIC
Pastor Robert L. Madison
Thursdays (10:00PM - 10:30PM)
    Home Help Hotline:
Monday - Friday
(12AM - 5:00AM)