"Higher Ground" Thursdays 11:30PM – 11:45PM

Pastor Deiserae Stansbury is the founder of Angels Covering W.H.A.T. Ministries.  The acronym W.H.A.T. stands for Women wHo Are Tired.  The W.H.A.T. Ministries, ministers to women who are enduring abuse in their relationships and desire to move from where they are to a place of Higher Ground.  This ministry is to help women take the next step from surviving to thriving.  The W.H.A.T. Ministries provides information, guidance and referrals to counseling services, all free of charge.

Pastor Deiserae has been a Pastor at Dimensional Life Christian Assemblies, formally, The Life Center, for 9yrs.  Apostle RL Jackson is the Founder and Senior Pastor with Lady Theresa Jackson.  Pastor Deiserae has been the Media Director of Dimensional Life for 8yrs.  Pastor Deiserae operates in the anointing of an Evangelist, Prophet, Teacher and Pastor.

Now Pastor Deiserae is taking what she has learned from experience and education and is now imparting it into other lives, so that transformation will come for them.  She is encouraging women, by all legal means necessary, to stay alive at any cost! 

Pastor Deiserae was married to an abusive man for 14yrs, from that marriage she has two beautiful children, William Jr. and Ralen.  She has written two books of a series, one of which is titled What Love Aint’- From A Biblical Perspective and the second is titled What Love Aint’ - A Synopsis Of My Story.  In the second book she goes into detail of the abuse she suffered in her first marriage.

Pastor Deiserae has married again and began a new life with Timothy Stansbury. She is quoted, “My husband treats me like a lady and loves me and my children.  God has been good to me and blessed my life tremendously when he sanctioned this union.  I am truly grateful!”

Her favorite quote is “don’t just endure life, live life!”