Cory Condrey "Coco Brother"

Every day millions of listeners sing along to the catchy, popular phrase, “CoCo Brother, Jesus Baby” from the syndicated gospel radio show “CoCo Brother Live”. Millions of television viewers then tune in every Sunday morning to watch BET gospel favorite, “Lift Every Voice.” The man responsible for both: Cory Condrey! Although Condrey wears multiple hats, his job remains the same- to encourage and inspire. Known by fans across the world as “CoCo Brother,” this spirited Christian media personality is also a Kingdom activist, a community advocate, and a devoted family man.

While holding down these various duties, Cory also launched the STAND Campaign in 2007. The heart of Cory’s passion for ministry, the STAND Campaign is the “Campaign that Promotes Jesus Christ” through a variety of ministry initiatives. In 2008, Condrey married the love of his life, Evangelist Joann Rosario Condrey, who has since joined him in fulfilling the evangelism mandate of STAND.

As a Kingdom Activist, Cory Condrey carries out the important initiatives under the STAND Campaign. One of the initiatives under the STAND Campaign is the EXODUS movement. EXODUS is a grassroots youth outreach that goes out to the streets sharing the message of Christ in social terms that are relevant to today’s youth. Kicking off the summer of 2010, the couple launched the special JESUS RALLIES initiative, holding rallies in the cities of Atlanta, Washington, DC, Richmond, and Charlotte. In November 2010, they presented the STAND ONE BODY RALLY. Held at Atlanta’s famed Georgia Dome, the monumental event offered memorable ministry by Cory Condrey and guest preachers, as well as rousing, uplifting gospel selections performed by today’s favorite artists. Thousands of people came together as One Body on that day, celebrating and embracing the one thing that we have in common as believers- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Religious and denominational barriers were definitely broken at the STAND ONE BODY RALLY!

Unlike any other campaign, the STAND Campaign’s mission never ceases, but will in fact, culminate when Jesus returns. Up next for STAND is the launch of the ONE MILLION VOICES “Put it Back” Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to advocate the importance of instituting teacher-led prayer in our nation’s schools. Under the ONE MILLION VOICES initiative, the couple will head out to the nation’s schools to raise awareness around school-supported prayer, and to also encourage communities to go to and submit their online petition in support of this important effort- one million voices strong!

Prior to the launch of STAND, Cory Condrey left Nashville, Tennessee for the city of Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in radio. Condrey’s unique talent for both radio and captivating audiences quickly propelled him to become one of Atlanta radio’s top hip-hop personalities. Despite his success, Cory had a profound revelation from God that instructed him to end his career as a hip-hop deejay. Knowing that God was calling him to do even greater works, Condrey left his lucrative position as Atlanta’s popular hip-hop radio personality to later launch the groundbreaking gospel radio program, “Spirit of Hip Hop”.

Through steadfast faith and submitting to God’s will, Condrey’s gospel radio show (now entitled, “The Spirit Top 15 Countdown”) is now nationally syndicated, airing every weekend across urban and gospel radio stations in 40 markets- an extraordinary feat for radio!

In addition to the “The Spirit Top 15 Countdown” radio show, Condrey also hosts the syndicated radio show, “CoCo Brother Live” every weekday from 7-11 p.m. EST. The program ,with its inspirational swagger, broadcasts to millions of listeners, and offers the latest in urban gospel music and news. The show also features unforgettable celebrity guest interviews and specially-themed segments like Tuesday’s “STAND and Pray” and Wednesday’s “Love and Relationships” which also inspire and encourage listeners. Condrey’s “CoCo Brother Live” show continually tops the gospel radio ratings charts in unprecedented numbers to 16 markets around the country.

Switching roles, but never the message, Cory also serves as host of BET’s “Lift Every Voice” gospel television show which airs every Sunday at 10am and 10:30am EST. Now in its 3rd season, the popular gospel-themed talk show features thought-provoking interviews with gospel and secular celebrities, who personally share intimate stories about their faith and testimonies with millions of viewers. The series also showcases performances from today’s favorite gospel artists.

Recently being honored as a 2011 Trumpet Awards’ Prayer Breakfast “Special Honoree” and the winner of a 2011 Stellar Award for the CoCo Brother Live Presents STAND 2010 CD, is direct testament to Condrey’s hard work and staunch commitment to promoting Christ’s message of salvation. With an ever-growing ministry platform, Condrey is poised to further expand his divine outreach to even more audiences.

Born in Germany, Cory Condrey was undoubtedly destined to make an unforgettable impact of immeasurable proportions on today’s generation. A powerful voice combined with genuine passion to win souls for Christ, Cory possesses the exceptional gift to seamlessly fuse inspirational messages, divine worship, and fun-filled family entertainment that appeals to all ethnicities, races, social classes and ages.

Cory resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Joann Rosario Condrey and their daughter, Arianna Christian-Elise Condrey.