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Quiet Time Reflection

By: Dr. Deborah Parker

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"A Certain Disciple"

Saul was yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord. He even went to the high priest to get letters to arrest the disciples in the nearby city of DamaScus. On his way there a bright light from heaven shone around about him and Jesus "knocked him off his high horse", as the saying goes, and revealed himself to him. "Lord, what will you have me to do?", he asked trembling and astonished. "Arise and go into the city, and it shall be told you what you must do.", Jesus answered. Saul arose and discovered to his dismay that he was blind.

In the meantime, Jesus appeared to "a certain disciple" named and Ananias and charged him to go and minister instructions and healing to Saul.  Ananias was not an apostle, priest or pastor - just a devout Jew who loved God and had accepted Jesus as the Messiah - just a certain disciple who was obediently doing God's will. Little did he know that his small act of obedience would set the stage for a powerful move of God through Saul, who was later called the Apostle Paul.

You may feel like a nobody today, but you too can be that "certain disciple" to initiate a great move of God. For truly, all of God's moves and purposes are part of His great plan and destiny for mankind.  Allow Him to speak to your heart about what He would have you to do even today. He is no respecter of persons. As He used a certain disciple named Ananias, He can use you to fulfill His will.

Scripture text:  Acts 9: 1-20

Prayer:  Lord, use even me to fulfill a part in your plan.

Thought: God uses ordinary people to do his Great will.

Application: Start moving and listen as God speaks to your heart about what He would have you to do and say. Be obedient.

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