The Fire Congress Fellowship started officially on the 22nd of April, 2013 in a one room apartment in down-town Brooklyn New York with two members; a month after, we were instructed by the HOLY GHOST to move our Fellowship base to the state of New Jersey and today our reach covers America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, London, Nigeria and Ghana with Campus Fellowships, the “Fire Congress Academy”, the “Pneuma School of Ministry”, the “Pneuma Hour” on 1190 WLIB and still counting.

Since we began this HOLY GHOST OPERATION, we have not left the path God has put us, which is why we at the Fire Congress Fellowship take GOD’S WORD as the first and final AUTHORITY. As with every major move of THE HOLY GHOST, we stand side-by-side all GOD fearing Believers in JESUS CHRIST around the world, as we call them our Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST.


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