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In Love With My Gut


It’s often been said that a woman’s intuition is powerful. As women, we have the rare and innate ability to sense when something is wrong, something ain’t right or when something smells fishy.

Often called discernment by church folks, emotional intelligence by psychologists, a woman’s intuition predicts the presence of danger and protects us from lurking predators.

Over the years, my intuition has been known to be OFF THE CHARTS! I’ve walked into a room and pointed out my partner’s ex without  ever seeing her picture and without knowing that she was even in the room. I’ve embraced people with a simple handshake and felt venom running through their veins. I’ve sensed that someone close to me is in danger before it is ever revealed. It’s actually quite scary sometimes. When I have a premonition about someone’s character or demeanor, 9 out of 10 times I’m right about it. I might not always be able to pinpoint the precise issue at first but I can always tell that a problem is present or right around the corner. In due time, the demon within people always reveals himself.

Yet, with all of the demonstrative evidence I have of my ability to size things up, I’ve often doubted my intuition. I’ve second guessed myself in situations and wondered whether I misinterpreted things. I’ve questioned whether my anxiety was real.


My belief in the humanity of people always has me hoping that people can’t possibly be as deceptive, malicious and evil as their aura predicts. I must be trippin! I just don’t want to believe that I or someone I care about has potentially given mind, heart, and even spirit to someone that would willfully misuse and abuse the soul of someone else. Can’t be!

Regretfully, doubting my intuition has caused me many missed opportunities to look out for someone else and has even brought me personal heartache and pain. Through trial and error, I’ve learned to follow my Grandmother’s advice, “go with your first mind, baby” and to live by Maya Angelou’s wisdom, “when people show you who they are, believe them, the first time.”


I’ve learned to trust my gut, that little voice that whispers in my ear telling me to STOP, DROP and ROLL. Stop my engagement. Drop my present company. Roll on to a new environment. I’ve simply learned to appreciate and adore my gut. I have come to believe that intuition is powerful and will tell you everything that you need to know…in due time.

Love your gut! It looks good on you!

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