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25 Years since the release of Bad

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since the release of Michael Jackson’s 1987 album release, “Bad”. As Spike Lee gets set to unveil his documentary “Bad 25”, I’m still amazed at how the Michael Jackson of the 80’s changed the music industry.

I was in college when I remember hearing the first song on the radio released from Bad, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. No it wasn’t Beat It, Thriller or Rock With You, but in the 80’s, any Michael was bound to be “good Michael”. It was more than a new album for us back then, it was an event.

The late Dick Clark was correct when he once stated “…Michael sent people back to the record stores….”. I couldn’t agree more. Certainly Michael Jackson was the reason as a teen that I started buying records on a regular basis. I was a “45” kid (hey, they were affordable), but once “Off The Wall” hit stores I became a convert to entire LP’s like so many.

Anyway, over 3 years after his death, Michael, like Elvis before him, is still making headlines and plenty of money! This Summer his brothers reunited for their first concert tour since the early 80’s, the Jackson family battled over Michael’s growing estate which includes more movies, books, lost music, television specials, licensing deals for commercials, tributes and more.

I came across a great article in a recent New York Times I thought you might enjoy. It takes a look back on Michael’s music and the “Thriller” album that changed the music world but almost never was. Have fun!