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What Pastors Want to Tell Christian Moviegoers about ‘Deadpool’

"No, Christians should absolutely not watch any movies with violence, nudity, or profanity." wrote Pastor Jamie Morgan of New Jersey-based Life Church in a Twitter message to The Christian Post on Thursday. "Why? It all gets back to the character of God. God is holy and that movie's not! Nuff said!
"Deadpool," Ryan Reynolds-headlining film, is a gory, sexually-charged new flick that's slaying records at the box office, may be a tempting movie to catch this weekend but as you read above, Christians may have to think twice before going to see what the hype is about.
Although finding movies without profanity is almost completely unavoidable, Movieguide calls ‘Deadpool’ a “lawless fantasy of our sinful nature,” expressing that there is nearly nothing holy about this flick.
Pastor Morgan is far from alone. A growing chorus of clergymen are speaking out against the film. Pastor Ron Edmondson of Immanuel Baptist Church in Kentucky told CP about his concerns for children who are fans of the Marvel franchise.
What a lot of parents are concerned about is the high demand in children wanting to see this movie over being fans of the Marvel characters in it. Pastor Edmondson said,"The dilemma of our day is doing the right thing when everyone else isn't. I understand the appeal of those who love the Marvel series, and certainly the Bible is a graphic book also, but I'm concerned that allowing children to see this would further confuse their values. It perverts the world of comics and will confuse them concerning what a hero should be.
The film is populated with heavy violence, nudity, gratuitous sex and even the suggestion of bestiality. Pastor Thomas Christianson of Maryland encourages parents to heed recommendations of the Motion Picture Association of America. "Kids are much more likely to start objectifying others if they see examples of such behavior in their media heroes," said Christianson.
Although the Pastors expressed a negative feeling towards the film “Deadpool,” they always try to avoid telling others what they should and should not do when it comes to media and entertainment. 
"Deadpool" has claimed the no. 1 spot for the biggest R-rated opening weekend in history. The film centers on Marvel comic superhero Wade Wilson, an ex-Special Forces soldier-turned-mercenary. 
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