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Pastor Judah Smith answers Maria Shriver: ‘Why I should I believe in God?’

This week Pastor Judah Smith sat down with Maria Shriver in an Architects of Change Live conversation to discuss his new children book that he wrote with his wife. The book is called “I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook” and as he was introducing himself and his new book, he was asked he question.
"I think this idea that believing in God is something that you concoct, it is something that you conjure up. It is something that over a succession of emotional discussions or sermons you develop this habit of now it's happened. I think, I believe that there is a God space in every human soul," he said.
"If you want to believe, let's just pray and I believe that God will meet you in a real way. And I believe there's a space inside you for God. The awesome thing is you don't have to defend God because He is God; and you don't have to talk people into God because He is God. And I don't want to get into that habit anyways of convincing people to worship God and believe in God, because if you can convince them then they can be unconvinced just as easily," he ended.
Shriver then expressed that her whole life she attended an all girls Catholic School and she was convinced that she wanted to be a nun until she found out that “you had to be poor and celibate,” and new that lifestyle was not for her.
In response, Smith began to speak about how his father was also a Pastor and he was in his darkest hour when he watched his father die slowly from cancer and was unable to understand why that was happening to him considering he spent his life serving God. That was when Smith found refuge in the Bible. 
"I found that in my darkest night I found God to be nearer than I imagined. When Shriver asked him how, Judah said: "I think His presence, His nearness.
Shriver then mentioned the more authentic look of Jesus that Smith and his wife portrayed in their book noting that when she was growing up Jesus was portrayed as a white man. "It was important to me as a dad to be honest and we showed those depictions to our kids and my 11-year-old acknowledged that Jesus is brown. And I said, 'that's right'" added Smith.

"I could get really emotional because I think Jesus is for everyone, but I think where Jesus came from and I think the diversity of this book. I wanted my babies to see who Jesus really was and I know it's just a cartoon character but the color of his skin mattered to me," he expressed.

“The fact that my 11-year-old acknowledged that and the fact that I had an African-American friend text me in tears. He said 'I'm ordering them right now.' I said, 'don't order them,' I'll send them to you.' He said because it's the first Bible I've seen Jesus depicted with brown skin. He says, 'I want to thank you.' And I cried. I secretly cried," Smith added.


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