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What Goes Around Comes Around

Never judge a book by its cover


These are two lessons that I lived today.

A few weeks back, I found a young woman's Michael Kors wallet near my car. I looked inside and found her identification (as well as her debit card and other "valuables"). I took the item to her home and attempted to return it, but there was no answer. I tried again a few days later......but no luck. I didn't throw it away, but I did put it in a safe place.

Fast forward to today. I took an early lunch and ran downtown to see my jeweler. He originally agreed to come out to my car so I didn't have to pay for parking, but when he didn't come out, I ran in very quickly. Unfortunately I was also faster than my wallet which was in my pocket.

Well I didn't notice my wallet was missing until I got back to work (on the other side of town). As I walked in, my work phone was ringing. When I answered, the person on the other end asked if I'd lost my wallet. He said he found it on Randolph and State....a block and a half from where I was (didn't know it had legs). But check this's the amazing part: not only did the caller find me, he actually, drove all the way to CSU to return it to me! Now before you skeptics raise your eyebrow like the Rock, let me confirm that nothing was missing and no cards were stolen. I think whoever found it first tossed it to the ground when they realized I had no cash!

Now when I met the young man, not only did it reestablish my faith in mankind, but it also made me smile, because I KNOW some people would see this young man and think he was the "up to no good" type.

All I can say is, thank God for people like him

Here is today's thought:

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

 ---Galatians 6:9

Two Fingers, One Love♥


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