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We Must Stand

Malcolm X once said, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” I think this is SO true. But the sad thing is often people (who don’t know the full story) mistake your standing for something as “having a bad attitude”, or “being bitter”.


Those who REALLY know me know that I’m a pretty decent cat. No, I’m not perfect (as evident by me still using the 70’s term “cat” LOL). But there are certain beliefs and standards that I adhere to and require in regards to myself. As human beings, we all deserve respect. As a man, I demand it. We’ve all faced challenging, disappointing circumstances in our lives. We’ve been rejected, and neglected, but it doesn’t mean you have to be disrespected.


Be it in a relationship, in your place of worship or at your place of employment, we’ve all faced it. From losing the part in the school / church play, to not being chosen to lead the solo in your choir, to losing a position to a lesser qualified person. We’ve all gone through it. I can and have accepted that. But the WAY it’s done is more important to me than WHAT is done. You should never tolerate being disrespected in the process. That’s where I draw the line. However, as previously stated, often when you take a stance against the treatment, you run the risk that others on the outside looking in may misconstrue the situation and label you as “having a bad attitude” or “being bitter”. How sad. That just means… you really don’t know this cat.  


Here is today’s thought:


Jumping to conclusions is like putting two and two together and getting five. When our minds race in the wrong direction, it can lead to false conclusions


How are YOUR math skills?


Be easy


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