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Thought For the Day: An Ode To My Sister

It’s been 26 years since you graced heaven with your beauty, but it STILL feels like yesterday. You may be gone, but you are NEVER forgotten! Andre is doing well and has a lovely bride that we all adore. I know you’re as proud of him as is the rest of the family.

When you first left, I had such a hole in my spirit. I originally tried filling it by dedicating a big part of my life to the sickle cell cause in honor of you. But something happened along the way. Whereas I did it for you, somewhere along the way there was a true awakening in me that made me see that I had to do it not only for you, but for the others (especially the kids) that are still here suffering. You see, you are in a much better place; a place where you are no longer living with the pain that ravished not only your body, but also your spirit. But the children….they’re still suffering. We have got to find a way to help! I have to do my part!

When I went to camp this year, I saw you. You were in the eyes and spirit of each child there. My friends that went with me didn’t see it, but I shed a tear because I saw you and missed you SO much! Like most siblings, we fought…we laughed….we played….but most importantly…..WE LOVED.

They say the hardest thing for a parent is having to bury their children. I guess that’s true because after you were gone, mama was never the same. You’ll never fully know the impact you had on our family! But you know what? I think I’m a better man….a better person because of you. Some may agree, some may disagree. What’s important to me is how YOU feel. I hope I’ve made you proud. (Not that same knuckleheaded baby brother J). You were….you ARE my inspiration!

Anyway…..gotta go. Just wanted you to know I still and will always love you Big Sis. IF I’m lucky, I’ll see you and mama again…….one sweet day


Here is today’s thought:


I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day it is found is the day I will stop missing you


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