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Thought For The Day: Confessions and circular behavior

I admit it: I was my mother's worst child. I went though such a rebellious stage, that I remember nearly bringing her to tears of anger. To this very day, I can still hear her exasperated warnings, "Wait until you have kids!" Of course my typical response was "yeah, whatever" (nonverbal of course cuz she would have slapped the taste out of my mouth!)


As I grew (up) older, only then did I fully appreciate the life lessons she tried to teach me. Actually, I shouldn't say "tried" because the lessons were instilled, I was just too bull headed to display that I got it. But she NEVER GAVE UP!


Well I also have no problem admitting that during his teen years, my son and I often bumped heads. Of course during my periods of exasperation, I would hear my mother: "wait until you have kids". Yep...things had gone full circle. BUT I NEVER GAVE UP!

But now that he's a man and has kids of his own, he and I have many great conversations. He confessed that he "got it" in terms of the lessons I tried to teach, but was adament not to comply (hmm...sound familiar?). So, I have now become my mother and he has now become me. Yep...prayer works.

So keep in mind that when you are attempting to guide/mold someone and you meet with resistance, it doesn't necessarily mean the message isn't getting though. It may just mean they're not ready to acknowledge its receipt. NEVER GIVE UP!


Here is today's thought:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

--Buddhist Proverb



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