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Thought For The Day

Envy vs. jealousy vs. being grateful.

Have you ever wished that something that happened to or for someone else happened to or for you? I think we all have. From the new dream job, to the dream car, to the new house. It's ok.

Envy means you're happy for the person yet wish you also experienced it as well. Jealousy is a stronger, more selfish emotion and is deficient of the happiness for the other person. It often manifests itself in negative talk and sometimes, negative actions.

But the problem with envy is that, like jealousy, it becomes a measuring game. You tend to measure possessions and successes against those of others. That can become a bit counterproductive. Both can make you lose sight of the things for which you should be grateful. No matter what you have...what you attain in life, there will be SOMEONE who gets a little bit more (just as there are those who make have just a little bit less). So instead of coveting what's in someone else's back yard, thank God for the beautiful flowers and trees (even the weeds) in your own. Look, it's ok to want more...just want it for the right reasons and never lose track of what you already have. Be grateful

Here is today's thought:

"The only person you should ever compete with is yourself. You couldn't ask for a fairer match"

 -- Todd Ruthman

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