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Tearing Others Down

Fact: There are over 7 billion people in the world

Fact: Currently there is enough oxygen for all 7 billion

Fact: There is plenty of room for us all

Ever meet someone who always feels the need to build themselves up by tearing others down? In order to show how much they know, they must also show how uninformed (I hate the word dumb) others are in comparison. They can't stand solely on their own merits, but feel the need to belittle the efforts of others. (And in most cases, their own merits aren't all that astonishing)

It's one thing to be a walking resume...always extolling your experiences, knowledge, accomplishments, and/or possessions; but why feel the need to bump it up against others? Believe me....if you're all that, it will show all by itself.

Here is today's thought:

"Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter"


Two Fingers, One Love


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