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Past Meets Future

How you see yourself has a much greater impact than how others see you. What you see morphs into who you are.

I recall not wanting to attend my 10th year high school reunion because I felt, at the time, that I was a failure. You see, most of my friends went away to college and earned their degrees right away. But the financial situation in my home called for me to find a job and help my mom pay bills. Sure I took classes at a community college, but I wasn't a serious student. So when 10 years passed at the time I was a Senior Teller in the payment center for a gas utility. Well in my eyes I was a failure. While others would say, "Wow! You work for Peoples Gas?", all I could see was, "Wow! All you do is work for Peoples Gas??"

But it was all about MY perception of me. I wasn't a failure. (Although back then some tried to convince me I was). When I began to see myself differently, I became different. So not only did my perception change, but my desires changed. Now I had a hunger for knowledge; now I had a hunger for success. When you want better, you do better.

Then something else happened: I began to realize not only my potential but I began to appreciate my true value. It came full circle. You see, TRUE success is not measured by dollars and cents, or even degrees and title, but rather by happiness. But ultimately to be successful and happy you have to see clearly

Yep....I finally developed 20/20 vision.

Here is today's thought

“You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be.”

― Maxwell Maltz,

Two Fingers, One Love


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