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Obedience…..a word that sometimes conjures feelings of contempt. After all, we expect our pets to obey, but I’m “a grown man!”

Truth is we all have someone charged with position over us; be it a supervisor at work, an official in our house of worship, or……….a police officer in our community.

Now before you get riled up with that last one, let me explain a bit. Your true obedience is to the law, not the person. BUT unfortunately the person “in power” sometimes forget they are responsible solely for upholding the law……they are NOT the law! In a perfect world, only perfect people would be police officer. (Then again, in a perfect world we wouldn’t NEED police officers)

I guess what I’m saying is people are more apt to “obey” when they get the fact that you have their best interest at heart and not just the fact that you should “Do it because I said so!”

As a parent you have an expectation that your children will obey your instructions, but you also teach them WHY you told them to do something in the first place. There’s a difference between, “Don’t put that bead in your nose” and “Don’t put that bead in your nose, because it will get stuck and we may have to rush you to the hospital to have it removed in a painful manner”.

I personally feel the high level of distrust between (some of) the police and (some of the) persons in our community stems not only from attitude but from inadequate communication. I can’t trust you if I don’t understand you have my best interest….and you can’t show me that without proper communication.

Do as I say, not as I do? Naw, Bruh! Lead by example

Here is today’s thought:

Punishment may make us obey the orders we are given, but at best it will only teach an obedience to authority, not a self-control which enhances our self-respect.

--Bruno Bettelheim

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