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If you're feuding with someone, stop and tell them that you love/forgive them. Life is not only short and un-promised, but very unpredictable. We automatically plan for our tomorrows but for some, they never come.

Without going into detail (and respecting privacy), a family member had an experience earlier today which could have ended tragically! But my God had her in His arms. I'm SO grateful!

As I've spent the day replaying the events over and over in my head, it made me realize just how precious is this thing called life. And just like a jewel or any other thing of value, we need to treasure it and treat it with the care it so richly deserves.

So let's stop our petty bickering. Let's take a minute to tell each other we love them. Let's forgive someone who has wronged us. Let's STOP waiting for tomorrow to undo something that needs undoing!

Here is today's thought:

'Tomorrow is never promised, so live for today. Put your ego aside, open your eyes to who and what's around you. You are loved. You are cared for. You are blessed, always remember that."

 -- Junethea Crystal Centeno

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