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Have you ever met someone who goes out of their way to tell you or show you just how smart they are? I mean, they become a walking resume`...even bumping their credentials against others. They tend to build themselves up by putting others down. Why is that? Is it ego? Or maybe it's "reverse-ego" (insecurity)


A true wise person doesn't have to tell you what they know. Rather, they invite you to subconsciously share in their knowledge. After all, ...what good is knowledge unless it's shared?

But be mindful that bragging is not sharing. In fact, bragging about how smart you are or being condescending tends to push others AWAY from you; thus sharing in that knowledge cannot occur. So before you call someone stupid, how about helping them overcome that knowledge deficiency that you think they have? Wouldn't that also show how smart you are? Let your accomplishments (or other people) speak for themselves


You don't have to brag or belittle anyone to show your value


Here's today's thought:


"To 'belittle' is to be little."

~ Unknown


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