Bishop Julius A Sloane

(New Day Christian Chruch)
Twitter: @BishopSloaneFFC



Bishop Julius A. Sloane is the former lead vocalist of the Timothy Wright Concert Choir. His first project brought us the hits "Moving On" and "We praise Your Name" featuring Jason Nelson.

Major Chords presents his new project "Alive to Worship" featuring The Church Wrecking "Lord If You Save Me", "I'm Grateful" featuring Tiffany Andrews (Youthful Praise) and "Alive to Worship" featuring Rev. Jae Nixon (He'll make it alright savoy).


This mix of traditional and contemporary Gospel choir music makes no attempt to hide its New York Church flavor and insists the help of International horn section Mo Horns to blaze on the title cut.

"If you want to have church in your car, this is it."


Listen to Bishop Julius A Sloane new single "Lord If You Save Me"