Pastor Bonadie

Monday - Friday 11:15PM - 12:00AM

Dr. Peter Bonadie is an uncommon teacher of the word.   The grace on his life has transformed thousands into an accurate and joyful relationship with Jesus Christ. His extraordinary understanding of the Kingdom of God equips the believer for high levels of management and productivity.    His sharp prophetic gifting unveils the purposes of God to the hearers and bears a stern rebuke to enemy forces throughout the Kingdom.

His depth of wisdom and insight into the internal configuration of the Kingdom comes from his persistent intimacy with Christ and dedicated service in the Kingdom. He is a former Assistant District Superintendant for the St Vincent District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI); Former President of the Global Network of Kingdom Ministries and is currently a member of the Apostolic Core of the Global Kingdom Community. As a certified nutritional Consultant and with an earned PhD in religious Philosophy he imparts the manifest Presence of God with intensity, clarity and grace.

 With his wife Pastor Shelly-Ann Bonadie and four children he founded and leads Kingdom Life Ministries International in Brooklyn New York.   Kingdom Life is a dynamic company of believers who meet weekly for a divine encounter with GOD.