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Prayer is the First Weapon [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu

In this episode of She Rocks the Word, Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu revisit a topic from their last show, centered around the title of The Armor of God book, by Priscilla Shirer.

The bible study duo, are taking a deeper look at how to strengthen one's core and not to forget that prayer is the base weapon, to fight against the walls of the enemy. 

To the audience, Neicy & Deja Vu pose the question, "how are you strengthening your power?" Deja explains that, "we are in a spiritual battle," where the enemy is always trying to attack, but there is an invisible plane where Jesus is all around us; the foundational weapon is prayer.

Watch now, as they examine how to use prayer as the first piece of armor, to aid in the fight, against thine enemy.

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Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu Welcome back to She Rocks the Word with Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu...
Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu Welcome to She Rocks the Word, where hosts, Neicy Tribbett and Deja Vu...