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Armor of God [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu

Welcome to She Rocks the Word, where hosts, Neicy Tribbett and Deja Vu, strive to create, a digitally interactive, bible study experience. Their goal is to forge an environment, that allows any person, from any walk of life the space and freedom to talk about the word of God.

In this episode they are talking about the Armor of God; the armor itself is heavy but necessary. Neicy and Deja explain, that even though there may be an easy way out, we must fight the good fight. 

Watch now as they talk suiting up properly, and using the path, that God has laid out for us.

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Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu Welcome back to She Rocks the Word with Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu...
Photo Credit: Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu In this episode of She Rocks the Word , Neicy Tribbett & Deja Vu...