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Rev. Al Sharpton rouses crowd at Michael Brown's funeral: 'Justice is going to come!'

Anger smoldered Monday in St. Louis during the funeral service for the black 18-year-old gunned down by a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer.

Two weeks after Michael Brown was gunned down by a police officer, the anger continued to smolder Monday as thousands bid the black teenager farewell at a St. Louis church.

In a rousing speech, the Rev. Al Sharpton reminded mourners that 18-year-old Brown “should be in his second week of college.”

He described how Brown’s body was left on the street for hours after he was killed “like nobody cared about him, like he didn't have any loved ones, like his life value didn't matter.”

“We’re required in his name to change this country,” Sharpton said to cheers. “Justice is going to come! Justice is going to come! Justice is going to come!”

Brown’s uncle, Pastor Charles Ewing, said the Ferguson, Mo., officer who killed his nephew on Aug. 9 has “yet to suffer the consequences.”

“Michael Brown’s blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice,” he said.

Brown’s parents, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., looked stricken and did not speak at the funeral.

“I couldn’t protect you but we love you,” the grieving dad wrote on a funeral card. “I will never let you die in my heart.”

“You were the purpose of my life,” Brown’s mom wrote on hers.

In the obituary the family handed out, there was no mention of their son’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson.

“I still have anger in my heart,” Brown’s cousin, Bernard Ewing, told the mourners. “I still have revenge on my heart.”

Brown “was a big guy, but a kind, gentle soul,” he said. “One day he told his family the world would know his name. He did not know he was offering up a divine prophecy.”

“We will chant Mike's name and it's gonna shake the heavens,” chimed in cousin Eric Davis. “But not today. Today is for peace, peace and quiet.”

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