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O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco Up for Sale?

By: Amber McKynzie

Photo Credit: WBLS/Alcatraz East Crime Museum/Getty Images

Remember O.J. Simpson's infamous white Ford Bronco? Now that The Juice is about to be loose, interest in his 1994 "getaway" car is through the roof. 

According to TMZ, O.J.'s for sports agent, Mike Gilbert, currently owns the famed two-door vehicle, and has never shown much interest in selling the car - but rumor has it, that's because offers were too low. Gilbert's received offers of approximately $250,000 for the Bronco, but he never thought that was enough to cover the car's true value. 

"He's always considered it an investment," reports the media website. 

But now that O.J. is getting released, he belives this might be the perfect time to get what he thinks the car is worth - something in the $750K - $1 million range. 

Reports says Gilbert "has no emotional attachment to the Bronco...and he'll hold onto it until he gets [the price] he wants." But, there is one person Simpson's former agent won't sell the car to and that's Simpson himself. 

The car currently sits in Pigeon Ford, Tennessee's Alcatraz East Crime Museum

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