Queens dad charged with second-degree murder for choking, slashing 8-year-old son

The Queens dad who police said strangled his 8-year-old son and then slit his wrist was charged Monday with second-degree murder.

Boujeke Kenmoe was hit with the charge at Queens General Hospital, where he is recuperating from his self-inflicted wound.

Meanwhile, the dead boy’s buddy was trying to understand what happened to his friend, who authorities identified as Jerry Kenmoe.

“He was my friend in school,” said 9-year-old Kyle Bahrey. “He was in the third grade with me ... He used to hang out with me and my other friends.”

Bahrey said they all attended Public School 107.

“We liked to play tag,” he said. “We would play cops and robbers. He was smart. He's actually good at reading."

Bahrey said he often saw Jerry with his dad. “I would see him in the school yard,” he said.

Bahrey’s mom, who declined to give her name, said her son talked constantly about his pal Jerry.

"I can't believe this," she said. "Why would you do that? Somebody like that, you just want to hang him. I even said this morning, 'I hope it isn't someone we know.'"

Mcquinn Jia, 18, who lives near the family’s home in Fresh Meadows, said Kenmoe seemed to be a devoted dad.

“The father would always pick up the son from school,” Jia said. “They would get out of the car together and they would play a bit. They would talk about their day and play near the field.”

Jerry, he said, “was a happy boy.”

“He had his little red backpack and he had a little scooter,” said Jia. “I'd occasionally say hi."

Police have not said what caused Kenmoe to allegedly snap and kill his son.

"This is a horrifying case of a father accused of murdering his own son, a defenseless 8-year-old boy, by choking him to death,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. “The defendant's actions, if true, are incomprehensible in a civilized society and must be severely punished."

The doomed boy had been dead for hours when he was found 10:20 p.m. Sunday by authorities in the Fresh Meadows home, police said.

It was not clear who made the 911 call to cops.

Kenmoe, who rented the bottom apartment of the two-story house on Underhill Ave., was found sitting on the floor in the doorway of a bedroom with blood spurting from one wrist, officials said.

Jerry was found lying face up on a bed and his eyes were bleeding, “which was consistent with being strangled,” Brown said.

Neighbors said they often heard Kenmoe bickering with his wife.

“They fight a lot,” his landlord, Abed Islam, 30, said earlier. “They get loud and have lot of disagreements. The fights were verbal and very loud.”

Still, said Islam, Kenmoe “was a good guy.”

If convicted, Kenmoe faces 25 years to life in prison.

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