Erykah Badu tries to kiss WPIX reporter during live segment on Shia LaBeouf's arrest (VIDEO)

Videobombers are an occupational hazard for TV news reporters - but what do they do when it's an international R&B star crashing the shot?

That's the dilemma Pix 11's Mario Diaz found himself dealing with as he covered Shia LaBouef's latest antics live from Midtown on Friday.

The journalist was speaking to camera when "On & On" singer Erykah Badu strutted up behind.

Edging into frame, the bizarrely-hatted diva opened up her coat - before making an obscene hand gesture.

With a cheeky grin, she then sauntered up to Diaz and tried to plant a kiss on his cheek - but he kept his cool and fended her off with a polite "excuse me."

Handing back to the studio, he talked about how he "couldn't avoid a fan right now" - seemingly unaware who the unexpected intruder actually was.

Following the broadcast, eagle-eyed Tweeters asked Badu if she had stormed into shot.

"Nope," she initially replied. But before long, her conscious must have got the better of her - and she soon messaged Diaz with a simple "Sorry Mario."

Diaz playfully responded by tweeting "I just want your extra time and your... kiss," from Prince's 1986 song "Kiss," before promising to be more amenable to strangers' advances in future.

"Next time I won't do the NYC push back," he added, saying that his wife thought Badu had "great taste."

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