Virginia mom furious after stranger turned Instagram photo of her children into meme

A Virginia mom is furious after a stranger turned an Instagram photo of her children into an online meme featuring a slew of insulting hashtags.

Ciara Logan said she was stunned to see how the innocent snap of her 8-year-old son posing in a suit with her twin 2-year-old girls was converted into an offensive joke for the Internet.

And the Henrico resident revealed she only stumbled across the shocking image by chance after a mystery man had liked three pictures on her page.

"As I scrolled through his pictures, I saw this picture of my children," Logan told CBS 6. The cute shot, which Logan had shared online on Father's Day for her family and friends, now contained a large caption and a series of hashtags.

They referenced the movie "The Color Purple," the missing school girls in Nigeria and appeared to imply that the little boy was a hustler. "To insinuate my son is a pimp, or is selling cars, because he has on a suit and has two little girls with him — or to hashtag, 'keep him away from those girls,' as if to say he's a predator," Logan said. "He's an 8-year-old boy who is very caring, very loving, very nourishing, very protective of his sisters," the IT worker added to CBS 6. Outraged, Logan contacted the poster who immediately blocked her, set his page to private and altered his user name.

She then spoke to Instagram, where staff instructed her to remove all her children's snaps from her account as a precaution.

Logan, who's now made her account private, said the incident had "taught me a lesson" and warned other parents to be careful with what they post online.

"My message is share them with the ones you love via text message. Get a page that is for family only and private your page," she said.

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