WLIB-AM Because We Care Initiative is the charitable arm of WLIB-AM 1190 where we are dedicated to giving back to the community in which we serve. Because We Care will support not for profit organizations throughout the New York City Metropolitan area.  The new initiative will focus on, but won’t be limited to five key areas:


  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Educational Initiatives
  4. Career Empowerment
  5. Arts


Social Responsibility

WLIB-AM will focus on issues that affect the communities within the New York City Metropolitan area.  We will seek to address topics such as homelessness, anti-bullying – including in the social media landscape – street violence and more.


Health & Fitness

WLIB-AM will seek to engage our listeners in ways that improve their quality of life via better health & fitness.  We will strive to partner with organizations to supply our listeners with health activities and fitness tips through health fairs, health classes and community walks and runs. We want to encourage people starting young to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


Educational initiatives

WLIB-AM will strive to form partnerships with educational based organizations, covering issues facing our youth. Help ranging from test preparation, college admissions, scholarships and stay in school programs. Because We Care will ensure an example is set to our youth through leadership empowerment programs.


Career Empowerment

WLIB-AM understands that the economic landscape can have an impact on everybody, and maintaining a career is essential and rewarding.  We will assist with providing information for non-for profit organizations that provide help with resume writing, skill assessment and job training for those returning to the workforce.



WLIB-AM will seek to partner with various arts organizations that provide free outlets for those living within the NYC Metropolitan area to encourage creative thinking, education and more for youth around the city.


Would you like the WLIB-AM Because We Care team to come to your community event?


Please send an email to communityevents@wlib.com on your company letterhead following the guidelines below:

Read more: http://www.wbls.com/becausewecare/index.aspx#ixzz2g0JdgRFk




1. Should be a non-profit organization, community based organization or church organization with a 501©3 designation.

2. Please supply the purpose of the event complete on organization letterhead with: Date of event, time of event, location, and contact person on the day of event (important!) And what you are seeking from WLIB-AM if we are able to attend.

3. Any request should be made a minimum of 60 days prior to the date of event.  This allows the station time to check availability.


4. The event should be FREE to the public.


5. WLIB-AM on-site participation is not guaranteed.


6. Please allow us 30 days to reply to your request.