Uncle Reece

Uncle Reece’s music is unique because it is born out of an authentic place of worship. His goal is to portray the freedom and love that has been shown to him though Jesus Christ. Uncle Reece lives every word of his music for that reason; fans connect with him on a spiritual and physical level. Uncle Reece’s sound is a mixture of Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Gospel and Contemporary Christian. His sound is derived from many different musical influences such as Outkast, Tye Tribbet, Mali Music, Jah Cure, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson, amongst others

The man behind the music: Growing up in the tough streets of Jacksonville, Fl trouble always seemed to be knocking on the front door, however, through resilience and God’s great plan “Reece” seemed to maintain the balance defeating the status quo that easily befits inner city kids. This young man, known for his old soul later gained the name “Uncle Reece” from friends and family for his wisdom and charm. Life has thrown its fair share of highs and lows from a five-year straight “F” high school student to a straight “A” college graduate, business owner, and Billboard top 30 recording artist. Uncle Reece would not be who he is today without God’s divine intervention, a praying loving family, and encounters with people whom he describes as “Real Christians”. These men and women through persistence and habitual coaxing eventually managed to show him what God’s love is and what it means to live a holy and acceptable life. His mentors helped mold him into a fearless, unashamed and “sold out” man of God proclaiming the goodness of Jesus Christ throughout the world at large. He attributes most of the reason why he came to God was because of envy. The relationship these individuals had with this “Jesus” seemed too good to be true and out of pure curiosity lead him to God’s footstool. Like most young people, the influences of this world led him astray at first. Tired of going through the motions of everyday life and the desire of wanting a real one-on-one experience with the Lord, in 2004 Reece succumbed to God’s grace and became whole. One night, things drastically changed and Uncle Reece found his place in God’s grace worshipping on the roof top of Florida State University’s campus. That night he felt the presence of God like he had never experienced before - Uncle Reece literally worshipped until He passed out!