Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin was born in Texas and raised by his great aunt, Gertrude, after being abandoned by his birth mother as a baby. Gertrude took pride in raising her nephew and took his music education extremely seriously. She collected cans to help raise money for Kirk to take piano lessons which helped him learn how to read and write music and also play by ear.

At the young age of seven, Kirk was offered his first music contract but declined due to his aunt's wishes. He later joined the church choir and became a music director at age 12.

As a teenager, Kirk co-founded the gospel group, "The Humble Hearts" which received heavy recognition from music legend, Milton Biggham. At Biggham's request, Kirk Franklin went on to lead the DFW Mass Choir and record the song, "Every Day With Jesus", which gained him huge recognition as a music director. At the tender age of 20, Biggham hired Franklin to lead the choir at the Gospel Music Workshop of America Convention in 1990.

Two years later, Kirk Franklin created a choir entitled "Kirk Franklin and The Family" composed of his close friends and family. The group signed to the GospoCentric record label in 1992 and released their self entitled debut album a year later. The album was the very first gospel album to ever sell over a million copies.

After the success of their debut album, "Kirk Franklin & The Family" went on to release many successful albums and singles including "Joy", "Lean On Me" and "Gonna Be A Lovely Day". Kirk's success as an artist and music director earned him and his choir multiple music awards and countless number one singles.

Kirk Franklin's latest album was released in 2011 and is entitled, "Hello Fear".